Saturday, June 6, 2009

BFKINGPIN clickbank account and it's dealings.

The user BFKINGPIN at clickbank has had his hands in quite a few scams.  Whenever I get an emailer from one of their mailing lists for a new product, first thing I do is check out the Joint Venture page.  

More often than not they promote their own products, and while they try to obfuscate their real identities. The always have to use their clickbank ID.

TheForexMagicMachine page listed "bfkingpin" which set of alarmbells.   If you perform a DNS lookup for the domains or you would know that they are hosted on the same server (  

If you head over to and perform a reverse lookup on the server IP (, you will get a list of domains currently hosted on that server. 

Notice that most of the domains use name servers at, but if you were to head to the site You'd get a message saying Their Satisfaction is our Dissatisfaction.

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